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How To Use


For rice:

17-10 days after seeding200 – 240 kgs/ha
215-20 days after seeding150 – 180 kgs/ha
340-45 days after seeding150 – 180 kgs/ha

For economical trees: rubber tree, coffee tree, cashew tree…

1Basic fertilizing0.5 – 1 kg/tree
2Before flowering1 – 2 kg/tree
3Before harvesting1-1.5 kg/tree
4After harvesting1.5 – 2 kg/tree

For Vegetables: Chili, cauliflower, tomato, carrot, potato…

1Basic fertilizer80 – 100kgs/ha
2Applying additional fertilizer I80 – 100kgs/ha
3Applying additional fertilizer II80 - 100kgs/ha

(The dosage can be less or more depending on soil quality.)
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